This is Metsola Lifestyle

We started Metsola in the year 2007 because we believe in bare feet, coniferous forest and sunshine. Nature is the best thing all around the year. Add childhood to the equation and the result is pure joy. We want children to enjoy the miraculous nature in the future too. Therefore we have been working for more than ten years to do durable baby and children clothes where we combine modern, Scandinavian and fearless design which are loved by kids and moms.  

We are concerned about the harmfulness of fabric chemicals and the wellbeing of children. For this reason we only use materials that are OEKO-tex 100 standard compliant, which means that unsafe chemicals or other harmful substances have not been used in the fabrics. So for this reason skin is safe. Many of our products are also made from organic cotton. Durable and stylish high quality material is the starting point of Metsola’s Scandinavian brand, so  you can delight your cousin, friend's child or you can sell it forwards when the garment is finally too small for your precious. We are constantly adding new selections to the online store, so if you'd like to be updated on what's new, follow us on Instagram and Facebook. There are links at the top of the page.  
We believe in good quality of products, fabrics, and working conditions. As we want the best for our customers, we also want it for our workers. Therefore we are not producing our clothes at some far remote country. Our fabrics and clothes are made in the EU, so the labor conditions and the quality of work have good standards. We think local production is great!  

Regards, Metsola's Scandi family : Sanna, Riina and rest of the Metsola family



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